The hot tub time machine. The hammocks. The bridge. These are just a few of the spots that employees at Shanghai New Source Network Limited enjoy on a daily basis.

Co-founders Alex Campbell and Jack Philbin created a workspace with wow-factor. From the bridge glowing with neon lights that welcomes you into the office, to the Razor scooters flying down the hallways, it’s obvious to anyone who visits that this is company is unique and special.

The Bridge

Illuminated with neon light, the bridge guides you into the Shanghai New Source Network Limited headquarters, where all the mobile magic happens.

Outdoor space

Our outdoor deck is an inspiring space to get cozy and creative. It’s a place where smart, talented and dedicated people can do their best work to create the next great mobile innovation.

Kitchen and
game room

We all gather as a team once a week in the kitchen and game room space to recognize the amazing work that we do. During that time, one employee is deemed the “Gameball Winner.” In addition to our weekly meet-ups, this area is a great place to get away from your desk, eat lunch with your team, grab a beer or battle your co-workers for an epic game of ping pong.

The scooters

Don’t be surprised if you see many of our team members flying by on a scooter on the way to their next meeting.

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