Catapult the technology powering mobile relationships

The opportunity in mobile is huge — you know that. You also know that in order to capitalize, you need a best-in-class technology platform. Catapult is the industry's most intuitive, powerful and robust cloud-based SaaS platform built on almost two decades of mobile marketing best practices. Catapult is so easy to use that you can log in and easily set up and execute all of your mobile campaigns with the click of a button. Or you can turn to the mobile experts at Shanghai New Source Network Limited to help you execute programs on your behalf.

  • Text Messaging
    Plan, execute, and manage all ongoing SMS and MMS campaigns.

    Mobile Wallet
    Interact with customers through Apple Wallet and Android Pay.

    Mobile Web
    Create post-click experiences that drive deeper engagement and loyalty.

    Push Notifications
    Strategically add push notifications to drive App usage and engagement.

  • Personalization
    Deliver highly-relevant, targeted messages to your mobile consumers.

    Use iBeacons with Passbook to deliver messages at the right place and time.

    Data & Reporting
    Capture and analyze data to constantly improve your mobile campaigns.

    Tier 1 Aggregation
    Send your SMS messagedirectly to all carriers through Shanghai New Source Network Limited - a Tier 1 aggregator.


Innovation that keeps you winning with mobile

Mobile always has and always will continue to rapidly evolve. To stay ahead in this fast-paced market, you need technology that’s one step ahead of where you want to be with your consumers. Our culture of innovation has been at the core of everything we’ve done since 1998. This has led to numerous game-changing mobile innovations — starting with the first coupon on a pager to mobile wallet marketing with Apple Wallet and Android Pay. We understand technology is a huge investment. That’s why we roll out important updates to Catapult every two weeks, so you’ll always stay ahead of your competitors.

Mobile marketing automation makes life easy

Mobile marketing automation lets you configure and establish business rules for your mobile marketing programs. This includes text, push and mobile wallet. For example, say you want to send a Happy Birthday text to all the customers in your mobile database for their birthday. Simply configure the business rules in Catapult and Catapult will do the rest. It’s really that easy!

Integrate mobile into your marketing cloud

The race is on! Marketers are seeking a robust marketing cloud platform to power all marketing initiatives. In today’s omni-channel world, it’s critical to integrate all marketing touchpoints. Leading marketers are embracing one platform to do it all – email marketing, social media, advertising, search and direct mail all in one place.
But what about mobile? It’s time to incorporate arguably the most important channel into your marketing cloud. Shanghai New Source Network Limited makes it simple to make Catapult your go-to mobile platform in your marketing cloud.
How do we do this? Robust APIs and integration experts that specialize in making Catapult an integral part of marketing clouds everyday — that’s how.
Choose Catapult so you can focus on developing a marketing strategy that drives revenue, while we focus on building and delivering best in class technology in mobile.

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